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Extensive Experience for Unique Demands

Crest Consulting Services (Crest) is a Boutique Property Management Company and Real Estate Consultancy established by Dato’ Mohan Karthigasu in 2010.

Our mission is to provide top quality management services to high-end residential and commercial properties, which have unique demands.

The Crest team have been involved in high-end residential developments such as Dua Residency, The Troika, Suasana Sentral Kuala Lumpur, Katana II, Menara Avenue and Prima Damansara.

Therefore, we understand the needs and expectations of the discerning residents of such high-end developments through real experience.

We also enhance brand value through constant quality improvements. Having the contacts, skills and experience to negotiate and manage service providers, we will always ensure the best value for money.

A Wealth Of Experience

Crest’s values and best practices are drawn from Dato Mohan’s extensive 30 years of experience in property management, across Australia and Malaysia.

Dato’ Mohan obtained a Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from South Bank University in London and has over 40 years of industry experience.

Dato Mohan Karthigasu
Dato Mohan Karthigasu

Chief Executive Officer

Management Team
  • G. Manimaran Facilities
  • Shaiful Yazan Finance
  • Ruby Admin & HR
  • Sanjiv Operations

Elevating Residential & Commercial Spaces

Elevating Residential & Commercial Spaces

Residential Property Management

Crest Consulting Services has been involved in the management of high-end residences such as Dua Residency, The Troika, Menara Avenue, Katana II, Tiffani Kiara and Suasana Sentral.

Commercial Property Management

Our commercial property management projects include Megan Avenue and Cap Square Tower.

Scope of Services

Building Finances
We handle everything from billings and collections to budgeting and expenditure control including treasury advice.
Facilities Maintenance
Our management not only covers periodic maintenance and repairs but also upgrades and enhancements.
Defect Liability Inspection
We have ready professionals to protect properties from unsanctioned activities resulting in damage.
Contract Management
Funnel all the property or building’s ongoing contracts and tenders into a single, professionally managed nerve center.
Administrative Services
Our services take care of your documentation and archiving, including organising AGMs/EGMs and notices to owners/residents.
Environmental Management
From pest control to waste removal, we ensure the properties adhere to or exceed regulatory standards.
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